10+ Best eCommerce WordPress Themes For Ecommerce Site

An online store is an essential part of your business strategy if you want to remain competitive in today’s digital world. According to Statista, eCommerce sales are projected to reach $6.3 trillion by 2023. That’s up from $1.9 trillion in 2016! Businesses that don’t have their own online store are missing out on this growing trend and the potential profits it can bring them.

Building an online store can be a rewarding venture, but it isn’t always easy to know where to start. The best eCommerce WordPress themes will give you the perfect foundation on which to build your website, but it’s important that you choose wisely in order to ensure the success of your business.

There are plenty of WordPress eCommerce themes available that make it easy to design your own perfect online store in no time at all, regardless of how much experience you have with the platform or any of its other customizations. Whether you want to create an online shop from scratch or add eCommerce functionality to an existing WordPress website, these ten best eCommerce WordPress themes will help you get started and keep going when you hit roadblocks along the way.

Here are the WordPress Elementor Themes you can choose from to create an online store of your own and the benefits of building an online eCommerce website.

Benefits Of Building An Online Ecommerce Website

In the current business environment, it’s more important than ever to have an online presence. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, one of the best ways to increase your reach and boost your sales is to build an eCommerce website. 

An eCommerce website will allow you to sell your products to a wider audience and help you build brand awareness and loyalty. Here are some key benefits of building an eCommerce website for your brick-and-mortar store.

  • Increased Reach: Building an online eCommerce website for your brick-and-mortar store will allow you to reach a much wider audience. Your web store will be available to customers all over the world, and you will be able to attract more customers than you could ever do with a physical store. 
  • Lower Operating Costs: Operating an online store is much less expensive than running a physical store. You won’t have to spend money on rent, electricity, and other overhead costs. 
  • Greater Convenience: Shopping online is much more convenient than shopping at a physical store. Customers can shop from the comfort of their own homes, and they don’t have to worry about traveling to the store. 
  • Improved Customer Service: By building an eCommerce website, you can provide your customers with 24/7 customer service. Customers can get their questions answered without having to wait in line for a physical store. 
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Having an online presence will help you to spread the word about your brand and increase brand awareness. You can use social media, email marketing, and other online marketing strategies to reach more people. 
  • Expanded Product Selection: An eCommerce store allows you to offer a much larger selection of products than you could offer in a physical store. You can stock a wider variety of items, and you can easily add new products as they become available. 
  • Improved Inventory Management: An online store makes it easier to manage your inventory. You can track sales data and use it to determine what products to order and how much inventory to keep in stock. 
  • Increased Profits: An eCommerce website will generate more sales than a physical store, allowing you to increase your profits. You can also use your website to upsell and cross-sell products, which will further increase your profits.

11 Best eCommerce WordPress Themes

The eCommerce WordPress themes help to build an online eCommerce website for your brick-and-mortar store. The best e-commerce website WordPress Themes are designed to give your website the edge it needs to stand out from the competition. With so many online eCommerce stores, it’s important to have a website that is user-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to navigate.

The good news is that there are a number of great eCommerce WordPress themes available that can help you build the perfect online eCommerce website for your business. Here is a list of some of the best eCommerce WordPress themes which you can consider to build a successful online eCommerce business.

Shoe Store WordPress Theme

Shoe Store WordPress Theme is a WooCommerce Theme for creating online stores that sell sneakers and other footwear. The theme is packed with all the features you need to create a fully functional online store. You can use the theme to sell sneakers, boots, sandals, and other types of footwear.

The theme comes with a responsive and retina-ready design, so your store will not only look great on all devices but also offers a great user experience. The theme is also compatible with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder i.e., Elementor, so you can easily create custom pages and layouts.

It is very well compatible with WooCommerce Plugin, which ensures the easy customization of your product page and easy integration of all payment methods. So, if you are looking for a theme to create an online store for selling sneakers, then Sneakers is the perfect theme for you!

Green Farm WordPress Theme

The Green Farm WordPress Theme is the perfect online store for your farming products. This theme is packed with features and design elements that will help you showcase your products in the best light possible. With a responsive design, the Green Farm WordPress Theme will scale to fit any screen size. This theme also includes a shopping cart, so you can easily sell your products directly from your website.

The Green Farm WordPress Theme is well-optimized for the Elementor plugin. Elementor plugin is one of the most popular plugins for page building. It helps you to customize each section of your website. This theme also comes with WooCommerce integration, which helps you manage your product and shop page. It also helps you to customize your checkout page too.

So, if you are in the farming business and planning to do so then this will be one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes to start with.

Spa WordPress Theme

If you’re in the business of selling beauty products, then you need a website that reflects the high-quality standards of your brand. The Spa WordPress Theme is one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes and the perfect solution for creating an online store for your beauty products. 

This theme is packed with features that will make your website look and function at its best. With a responsive design, advanced WooCommerce integration, and an easy-to-use customization panel of Elemento, the Spa WordPress Theme is the perfect choice for creating a professional online store for even a beginner. 

So, if you’re looking for a beautiful and functional WordPress theme for your beauty product business, look no further than the Spa WordPress Theme!

Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Theme (Lusion)

Lusion is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme that is perfect for any type of online store. This theme is packed with features and options that allow you to create a unique and professional website.

Lusion is fully responsive and retina ready, meaning that your website will look great on any device regardless of the screen size. The theme is also Compatible with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder i.e., Elementor which makes creating custom pages and layouts easy.

There are a total of 28 demos that covers almost all categories of eCommerce business such as fashion cloth store, watch store, cake store, shoe store, kid’s store, various accessories store, and many more. These are all compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so you can easily customize various product page sections as per your business requirements. You will be amazed to see various animations on every hover of your cursor.

So, if you are into multiple eCommerce businesses or you are running a web design and development agency then this theme is one the best eCommerce WordPress themes to consider.

ECommerce WordPress Theme (MinimogWP)

If you are planning to create a big eCommerce store, then you can use MinimogWP. It is a WordPress theme that is specifically designed for big eCommerce sites. With this theme, you can easily create a professional and sophisticated online store. 

It comes with everything you need to get started, including a built-in shopping cart, and product catalog, and is compatible with order management system plugins. Plus, the theme is responsive and easy to navigate, so you can create a unique online store that reflects your brand.

This theme comes with 70+ Demos for all industries like clothes and fashion, shoes, accessories, activewear, baby store, kitchen, home and garden, book stores, furniture, cosmetics, plants, food & drinks, electronics, sports, beauty, and more. You can customize every single thing on your website without even writing a single code as this theme is fully optimized for Elementor. Elementor is one of the most popular page builders on WordPress.

 So, if you are looking for the best eCommerce WordPress themes for your large-scale eCommerce store website then do consider this theme.

eCommerce WordPress Theme For WooCommerce (Mr. Tailor)

Are you looking for an eCommerce WordPress theme that is both stylish and easy to use? Mr. Tailor is the perfect choice for you! This theme is specifically designed for WooCommerce, the largest eCommerce platform in the world. With Mr. Tailor, you can create a beautiful online store that is guaranteed to impress your customers.

In addition to being WooCommerce compatible, Mr. Tailor is also responsive and retina-ready. This means that your store will enhance the browsing experience on all devices, from smartphones to laptops. Mr. Tailor is also very easy to customize, so you can make it look exactly the way you want.

This theme comes with 6 different home page layouts and great shop page designs with the ultimate filter features. So, if you are looking for a WordPress theme for your eCommerce store, Mr. Tailor is a perfect choice!

eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce (The Hanger)

The Hanger is a new eCommerce WordPress theme that has been designed for simple as well as fully functional eCommerce websites. It is a fully responsive theme that looks great and enhances the user experience on all devices. The theme is compatible with a powerful drag-and-drop WordPress Page Builder like Elementor that makes it easy to build various custom pages and customize them. 

The Hanger also includes a built-in mega menu, a product carousel, and a powerful search engine. It has 7 home page layouts for various niches like classic, featured, simple, etc. It has a great homepage for a sneaker’s eCommerce store. The theme is designed to work with the popular WooCommerce plugin and is fully compatible with all major WooCommerce extensions.

The Hanger theme is perfect for anyone looking to build a WordPress eCommerce website, especially a sneakers website. It is easy to use and comes with all the features and options you need to build a successful online store.

All-in-one eCommerce WordPress Theme (ekommart)

Ekommart is an all-in-one eCommerce WordPress theme that helps you create a professional online store in minutes for almost all kinds of eCommerce niches. It is packed with features and options that allow you to customize your store to match your brand. With ekommart, you can sell physical or digital products, offer services, or even create a subscription-based business.

Whether you are just getting started with eCommerce or are a seasoned pro, ekommart is the perfect theme for you. It has 23+ distinct demo layouts for sports & outdoors, toys & kids, electronics & computers, food & grocery, tools & parts, beauty & health, home & furniture, clothes & jewelry, and the multi vendor marketplace. These all demos are well-optimized with the popular page builder, Elementor. It comes with a Fully-fledged Mega Menu for all niches. It is easy to use, comes with detailed documentation, and has outstanding support. 

So, if you are searching for the best eCommerce WordPress themes then do consider this theme. This will be the right choice for almost all eCommerce niches.

Minimal & Modern eCommerce WordPress Theme (Halena)

If you are looking for a minimal and modern WordPress theme for your eCommerce website, then you should definitely check out Halena. Halena is a theme that has been specifically designed for online shops. It is packed with features that will make your website stand out from the rest. 

Some of the features that Halena offers include a clean and modern design, a responsive layout, a powerful theme options panel, compatibility with an Elementor-drag-and-drop page builder, WooCommerce integration, and much more.

It comes with 6 different home page layouts for clothes, watches, furniture, and jewelry store. Halena also comes with multiple shop page layouts, cart page layouts, a product slider, Wishlist functionality, and a built-in mega menu.

So, if you are looking for minimal, modern, and the best eCommerce WordPress themes, then don’t look further than Halena.

Event Calendar & Ecommerce WordPress Theme (Eventica)

Eventica is a professionally designed WordPress theme that is perfect for any type of event calendar or eCommerce website. The theme is packed with features and options, making it easy to customize and tailor to your needs. 

The theme includes a responsive design, so it will enhance the browsing experience on any device. The event calendar is easy to use and can be customized to fit your specific needs. You can also add events and sell tickets directly from your website. 

This theme comes with 3 different home page layouts which you can use as a full-fledged professional website as well as an eCommerce website. So, if you are looking for a WordPress theme to build a professional event calendar or eCommerce website, then Eventica is a perfect choice!

Responsive Multi-Purpose eCommerce WordPress Theme (Mr.Bara )

Looking for an eCommerce WordPress theme that is easy to use and has all the features specific to the business niche? Then Mr. Bara is the theme which you should consider. This responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme is perfect for any type of online store, ranging from fashion to electronics and all that you think to do. 

What makes Mr.Bara stand out from other WordPress themes is its ease of use and versatility. Setting up your online store is quick and easy, and there are over 46 home page layout options to choose from. You can also rest assured that your website will be mobile-friendly and responsive. You will get 7 category page layouts, 12 header layouts, and 12 product page layouts this gives you an edge to experiment on your website and find the best suited for you.

You will get all the features that you see in big eCommerce sites like product quick view, live search, sticky header, product zoom, Wishlist, ajax filter, order tracking, and many more. So, if you are in the market for a new WordPress theme that has everything, be sure to check out Mr.Bara! You won’t be disappointed.


Building an online store with WordPress is a great way to get started in eCommerce. WordPress is easy to use and there are many themes available that can be customized to create a unique look for your store. In this article, we have seen what are the benefits of having an eCommerce website. You should surely consider those.

In addition, we have also seen 11 of the best eCommerce WordPress themes. All of the themes are extremely user-friendly and come with a wide range of features to help you build the perfect online store. No matter which eCommerce niche you are in, you will definitely find one good WordPress theme for you.


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