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Remember that wearing the right clothes is essential if you want to be safe, reasonably dry, and comfortable when you go on a canoe excursion. The actions listed below offer suggestions for organising your canoeing activity and choosing the proper clothing.

Follow this rules –

1.Consider your surroundings and the weather while choosing what to dress. In warm weather, you can pair a T-shirt with shorts or quick-drying trousers as long as the water is warm enough. Even in warm weather, it’s a good idea to pack a long sleeve shirt in case you require bug protection.
2. If you intend to canoe in a roaring river or in cooler weather, wear comfortable clothing. On a canoe excursion, there will be a lot of splashing and spray, and if paddlers are not careful, hypothermia can strike. Wear clothing that can protect you from the chilly water.
3.  Wear a base layer, or the layer of clothing that is the nearest to your skin, made of materials that will hold relatively little water if you become wet.

Most Important things –

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